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Credit Karma’s University-Inspired Strategies for Mentoring & Retention

Founded in 2007, San Francisco-based Credit Karma has quickly scaled to offer more than 60 million members free tools to improve their financial standing. This rapidly growing tech company prides itself on a collaborative workplace culture that has ranked it among the best places to work in the San Francisco Bay Area. Credit Karma’s work [...]

  • Fast Forward

X by Fast Forward Delivers Next-Level Career Networking

The value of career networking has never been greater, as an ABC report shows 80 percent of today's jobs go to candidates through an internal connection or network referral. Fast Forward -- a CampusTap partner providing students and alumni resources and insight to pursue fulfilling, passion-based careers -- is hosting an interactive event taking career [...]

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  • Multiple Mentors

7 Types of Mentors For Advising on Every Career Question

While individuals and institutions explore the most impactful mentoring methods, focus is shifting from having one mentor to having multiple mentors. Though having a “board of advisors” may not embody traditional mentoring relationships, having a diverse array of perspectives and insight cans be helpful, if not essential, as someone works to further their career. However, [...]

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  • Career Fair

Career Fair Countdown: Preparation for Every Step

As the fall semester progresses, career centers are organizing career fairs so students can begin contemplating employment options and gain information on different companies. Career fairs are hosted so employers can have face-to-face conversations with students about potential jobs and internships, and often recruiters attend to scout out potential hires. This makes the career fair [...]

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  • Greek Life Career Development

Greek Life’s Impact on Student Career Development

After a Gallup study surveying over 30,000 college graduates found that students that were a part of Greek life in college were more likely to be “thriving” in their work, the long-term benefits of joining a sorority or fraternity have become increasingly apparent, and the values instilled in sororities and fraternities are proven to be [...]

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  • New Alumni

Developing Students in Order to Develop New Alumni

With commencement season winding down, colleges and universities around the country are hosting reunions for all generations of their alumni — bringing back established and young alumni alike, as well as welcoming new graduates into the alumni community. During a recent segment of Advancement Live, Kim Brown, Director of Strategic Communications and Digital Engagement at [...]

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Internship Guide Step 2: Get the Most Out Of Your Internship

Congratulations! You completed Step One and landed the internship! Hold on now, there are some more things you need to keep in mind so that you can get the most out of your internship. […]

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  • linkedin

LinkedIn University Pages, What’s Next?

Today LinkedIn announced that they will be offering a new tool for high school students, colleges and universities. This tool is called LinkedIn University Pages. Is this really a new feature or the rebranding of an old one? […]

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