• HubSpot Chief People Officer Katie Burke

Katie Burke on HubSpot’s Perennial Leadership in Company Culture and Employee Well-Being

Since it's founding merely a decade ago, HubSpot quickly grew into one of the most iconic pillars in Boston's innovation economy. In addition to pioneering the inbound marketing method, co-founders Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah instituted a company culture that's contributed to the organization's global scale that includes expansion to six locations around the world. [...]

  • Scott Bailey, MassChallenge

A Day In the Life: Scott Bailey of MassChallenge [Video]

Founded in Boston in 2010, MassChallenge has grown to become one of the largest startup accelerators in the world. In roughly seven years, the organization has expanded to five cities, accelerated over 1,200 startups and created over 60,000 jobs. Scott Bailey, Executive Director of North America for MassChallenge, has helped elevate the non-profit since its [...]

  • CampusTap

CampusTap Expert Advice: Launching a Career in Tech

This post originally appeared on the Paysa blog. You can view the original post here: "Expert Interview: Ethan Bukowiec of CampusTap." Ethan Bukowiec is the Content Manager at CampusTap, where he covers all the latest trends and developments, innovations and success stories in the career services and alumni relations industry. We recently asked for his [...]

  • Alumni Mentor Meeting

Defining Meaningful Careers with the Help of Alumni Mentors

In the last five years, 60 percent of millennials left their jobs as many as four times, and obtaining an increased salary was the least motivating factor. While students enter college to find their career path, upon graduating, many abandon their original ambitions for various reasons — whether it’s the need for financial security or uncertainty [...]

  • Womens-iLab_627x417

Boston Startup Spotlight: Women’s iLab

Last week I had the opportunity to attend a Suffolk University Women in Business event, a forum for female Business students to come together each week and listen to dynamic guest speakers. On this occasion, the featured speaker was Katrina Melesciuc, Co-founder of a tech and innovation startup called Women’s iLab (or Women’s Innovation Lab). With her startup all about empowering women, I wanted to share a few things I took away from her inspiring story. […]


First Month of College Lessons

What losing in flag football taught me about my first month of college Yes, college is a transition, that is very true, but hearing it repeated for days straight in orientation takes the effect out of it. When I arrived on campus I was swarmed by about a dozen helpers ready to move me in to my new room; my new home. […]

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  • thrive

“Thrive”: Living a Life Well Lived Now

After the passing of my Grandmother, I realized, at her funeral how many lives she had touched. Growing up she had always made an effort to make a connection with every person she met. She would call her doctors just to see how they were doing, and she would invite strangers in to sit and talk with her over a meal. I remember fondly her love (for life and everyone), her food and her company. […]

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  • emc

EMC Corporation–Business Innovation Wallflower

If you live in the Boston area, or perhaps spent some time around the servers or information storage devices your company uses, you may have seen their logo. A familiar logo, but one you haven’t really spent any time thinking about before now. The EMC Corporation, the business behind the logo you have seen numerous times, is actually one of the world’s largest data storage system providers and is based out of Hopkinton, Massachusetts. […]

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  • resume-building

Color in your Resume with Soft Skills

Often times, when you are first learning how to create and compile your resume, the phrases “effective communicator,” “works well in high stress situations,” “hard working,” “passionate,” or “dedicated” will be employed to create a carbon fiber image of who you are verses what your skills may be. These descriptive phrases are what people in the career development field call “soft skills.” […]

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  • studying-session

How to Ace Your Semester After Spring Break

5 Tips to Help You Get in the “Back-to-School Mode” after Spring Break Its 9 o’clock on Sunday, you’re chatting with friends, posting pics & reminiscing about spring break and all of a sudden you get a queasy feeling in your stomach. That’s right, you remember you have that exam and paper due on Tuesday. […]