• Undergraduate Experience

Quantifying Undergraduate Experience & Alumni Engagement

It’s widely understood that a positive undergraduate experience encourages students to give back to their institution monetarily and non-monetarily after they graduate. But, up until recently, the relationship between the two has yet to be quantified. Before becoming the Director of Alumni Engagement at Chicago-Kent College of Law, Joseph Volin conducted the necessary research and [...]

  • Student Philanthropy

Rutgers: Inspiring Student Philanthropy Through Education

There is an understanding at Rutgers University that the more educated a student is regarding philanthropy, the more inclined he or she will be to give as an alum. Which is why the Annual Giving department hired Lauren Redfern as Assistant Director of Student Philanthropy in the summer of 2014. In her three years and [...]

  • Webinar

Webinar: Merging Alumni Relations & Career Services

https://www.youtube.com/embed/z2jrbD-VZN4 For decades, Career Services and Alumni Relations have operated as sole entities in order to increase placement, career readiness, alumni engagement and donations. But in the past five years, colleges and universities are leveraging the mutual interest between students and alumni to connect these offices and drive higher engagement and outcomes. In CampusTap's latest [...]

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  • Alumni Volunteering

Connecting Alumni Volunteering to the Career Mission

After largely operating as sole entities, in the past five years career services and alumni relations professionals are integrating their offices to increase placement, career readiness, alumni engagement and donations by creating alumni volunteering opportunities tied to the career narrative. CampusTap explored this early-stage development in the recently-released ebook, “Merging Alumni Relations & Career Services [...]

  • Career Development

How Data & Alignment Power Career Development at U of Rochester

The University of Rochester is heading into a pilot year aligning the Gwen M. Greene Career & Internship Center with alumni relations and advancement, but Joe Testani, assistant dean and executive director of the career and internship center, as well as Michelle Marks-Hook, assistant director of student/alumni engagement programs, have taken a systematic approach, using [...]

  • Professional Success Stories

How Alignment Sparks Professional Success at Longwood

In laying alumni relations over the career services narrative and vice versa at Longwood University, the Virginia institution is engaging students and alumni around a specific purpose: Creating professional success stories. Assistant Vice President of Alumni and Career Services Ryan Catherwood discussed merging alumni relations and career services with his supervisor before joining the university [...]

  • Colby College Career Center

Spotlight on Colby’s Powerful Professional Network

Since joining Colby College as vice president for College and Student Advancement, Dan Lugo has overseen the merging of career services and alumni relations, connecting students with alumni to create a powerful Colby professional network driving increased mentoring, networking, internship and career opportunities. Colby is among a number of institutions fusing elements of alumni relations [...]

  • CASE 2016

5 CASE 2016 Sessions Exploring Advancement’s Future

In less than one week, the annual meeting of senior higher education advancement professionals takes place in New York City, as the Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) 2016 Summit rolls into town. With a number of advancement leaders and business executives facilitating forward-thinking conversations on alumni affinity groups, advancement in the global [...]

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  • Career Services and Alumni Relations

Career Services & Alumni Relations Connect at #NACE16

During the NACE 2016 Conference & Expo we at CampusTap had the pleasure of facilitating an Innovation Lab discussion on the strategies and benefits behind collaboration between career services and alumni relations. We would like to thank all of those who joined in the conversation, as we had around 50 career services professionals join us. The [...]

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  • Dan Lugo and Ryan Catherwood cover the merging of alumni relations and career services

Better Together: The Benefits of Merging Alumni Relations & Career Services

Ryan Catherwood, Longwood University’s Assistant Vice President of Alumni and Career Services, recently wrote about the trend of higher education institutions fusing alumni relations and career services together in order to emphasize network building and better engage alumni through the career development process. Catherwood, as well as Colby College Vice President for College and Student [...]