• First-Year Mentoring

Retaining, Engaging & Mentoring First-Year Students

While institutions will largely focus on their admission process by investing in marketing strategies that will convince incoming students to enroll and attend, some of those efforts can fall short when colleges don’t also invest in the retention of their first-year students through mentoring or career services. In fact, as many as one in three [...]

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  • Georgia State University exploring majors

Undecided? Why Experts Suggest Exploring Majors

While some may argue that switching majors can deter students from graduating on time and unnecessarily increase tuition costs, a recent article by Inside Higher Ed advocates that it may be better for undergraduate students to declare their majors as late as senior year. The article largely suggests that a student’s education has a higher [...]

  • USC Digital Initiatives

Back to College: Digital Initiatives for Engagement

As incoming students are moving in for their first year of college and returning students prepare for a new semester, institutions are taking advantage of the trends, developments and digital initiatives that will resonate the most with their students. Through marketing strategies that utilize inventive videos, Snapchat and student-generated content, colleges are increasing student engagement [...]

  • Student Success

First-Year Mentoring Effects on Student Success

This time of year, just as colleges and universities are celebrating their graduates, high schools across the country are celebrating their own graduates, many of whom are preparing for the transition to college. While data shows that more students than ever before are graduating high school, less are actually enrolling in college. A large segment [...]

  • Gap Year Experience

The Gap Year Connection to Student Retention

Before Malia Obama announced that she would defer her enrollment to Harvard until the fall of 2017 and elect to take a gap year, many were unaware that taking a gap year is common practice, or may have negatively associated it with students spending their parents’ dime to carelessly backpack through Europe. With the President’s [...]

  • freshman-on-campus

How Social Media Affects Student Retention

It’s no longer big news that college students are using social media. According to some of the latest estimates, 96% of students who have access to the Internet utilize social networking services. And they’re not just tethered to their computers. Smartphones are becoming more ingrained into their daily lives, keeping them constantly connected, even while they’re away from their rooms. […]