• Gateway Community College

The Value of Community College for Every Career Path

As students at different stages in their life, education and career consider their next step to put them on a trajectory of success, oftentimes they consider four-year institutions and overlook the possibilities of achieving these goals at a community college. While traditional four-year colleges are a popular choice for students who want to live in [...]

  • ASU GSV Summit Panel: EmploymentTech for All — A Conversation between Tech CEOs and Workforce Development Leaders

ASU GSV Summit Takeaways: EdTech & the Human Element

While the annual ASU GSV Summit is a must-attend event for anyone interested in the latest innovations in education technology, we noticed an underlying theme — education technology relies heavily on the human element. During the panel discussion “EmploymentTech for All — A Conversation Between Tech CEOs and Workforce Development Leaders,” executives from LearnUp, Cognotion [...]

  • Goals for Career Services Software

3 Tips for Evaluating Career Services Software

With conference season in full swing, you will be meeting many new vendors and learning about innovative Higher Education technologies this summer. As you begin to assess some of these solutions, we have compiled a checklist of fundamental elements to look for in a new career services software. We’ve spoken with dozens of schools around [...]

  • Career Services Research

Personalized Outreach Key for Career Services

Recently University Business published the article “Higher ed’s one-on-one admissions approach” describing the new strategies Higher Education institutions are taking to increase enrollment. With high costs and steep competition, universities are realizing that mass emails and generic marketing are no longer enough to attract students. But these realizations also hold true for important campus departments such as Career Services. While it’s important to attract new students, it’s even more important to retain and delight current students. […]

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  • Career Services Meeting

Increase Student Engagement with Career Services

A new report was published on March 27, 2015 by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) regarding the 2014-2015 Career Services Benchmark Survey. Over 850 career centers were surveyed by NACE throughout the United States and across the world. Unsurprisingly, the report revealed low student usage and engagement. […]


First Month of College Lessons

What losing in flag football taught me about my first month of college Yes, college is a transition, that is very true, but hearing it repeated for days straight in orientation takes the effect out of it. When I arrived on campus I was swarmed by about a dozen helpers ready to move me in to my new room; my new home. […]

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  • fall-semester-apps

Legendary Semester Step One: Arm Yourself with Apps

Some of you might be waiting with bated breath for the next semester to start, while others may be bemoaning having to wake up early again. No matter what, the next semester is upon us and there is nothing we can do about it… Except plan to make this one a legendary semester! […]

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  • college

Is College the Right Choice?

Every year multiple news and media outlets create their list of the year’s best colleges. Now, these lists are enticing to young students because they provide an easy-to-understand and quick-to-look-through list of where they should be going to college. But, they also might make students feel negatively about their choice based on the ranking of their school. […]

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  • thrive

“Thrive”: Living a Life Well Lived Now

After the passing of my Grandmother, I realized, at her funeral how many lives she had touched. Growing up she had always made an effort to make a connection with every person she met. She would call her doctors just to see how they were doing, and she would invite strangers in to sit and talk with her over a meal. I remember fondly her love (for life and everyone), her food and her company. […]

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  • diversity

Diversity, Pride and Innovation: Organization Spotlight

We often embrace things that are different as something new and interesting. In business world it’s called innovation. However, for non-profits and charity organizations that cater to a niche market, their innovations can sometimes obscure them from the public. The LGBTQ community is one of the most diverse and multicultural communities on the planet. The community of support is equally as diverse catering to niche markets such as: Boi’s of Color, Suicide prevention training and support, gender-conforming healthcare services and even elderly-care. For each of these niche markets there are inspiring organizations that are stepping up in support of these more specific needs in innovative ways. […]

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