• ASU Mobile Giving for Alumni Donors

5 Mobile Giving Strategies to Draw Alumni Donors

After revealing that 84 percent of millennials made a charitable donation in 2014, the 2015 Millennial Impact Report proved that millennials are active donors despite assumptions that they may be unwilling or unable to make financial gifts early in their career. The same survey also revealed that the majority of those charitable donations were made [...]

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  • New Alumni

Developing Students in Order to Develop New Alumni

With commencement season winding down, colleges and universities around the country are hosting reunions for all generations of their alumni — bringing back established and young alumni alike, as well as welcoming new graduates into the alumni community. During a recent segment of Advancement Live, Kim Brown, Director of Strategic Communications and Digital Engagement at [...]

  • Live Streaming

Invigorating Alumni Engagement Through Live Streaming

When Yale University experienced a 33.7 percent alumni donation rate this year — their lowest to date — Association of Yale Alumni Executive Director Jenny Chavira ’89, saw an opportunity to experiment with innovative methods to engage alumni. Twenty years ago, alumni donated money almost reflexively, but alumni in the last decade have exhibited hesitation [...]