• New Alumni

Developing Students in Order to Develop New Alumni

With commencement season winding down, colleges and universities around the country are hosting reunions for all generations of their alumni — bringing back established and young alumni alike, as well as welcoming new graduates into the alumni community. During a recent segment of Advancement Live, Kim Brown, Director of Strategic Communications and Digital Engagement at [...]

  • Career Competencies

Implementing NACE’s ‘Must Have’ Career Competencies

In an effort to increase the cohesiveness between higher education institutions’ definition of student success and the professional sector’s expectations for recent graduates in the workplace, the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) recently released a report of the seven key career competencies employers value in new hires. As colleges and universities understand the [...]

  • Career Readiness Expectations

Class of 2015 Views on Employment & Alumni Networking

At the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) 2016 Conference and Expo, NACE Assistant Executive Director Matthew Brink will provide insight into students’ perceptions on career readiness and what they expect from employers, careers and the job search. In Class of 2016: Career Ready or Not?, Brink will highlight findings from NACE’s annual student [...]

  • #NACE16 Conference & Expo

CampusTap’s 10 Most-Anticipated #NACE16 Sessions

In three weeks, the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) 2016 Conference and Expo will kick off in Chicago. With thousands of attendees, hundreds of exhibitors and over 85 different sessions, it’s nearly impossible to take in every aspect of the latest trends and innovations in career counseling and employer recruiting #NACE16 will cover. [...]

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  • Columbia Alumni Voices

Program Spotlight: Columbia U’s Alumni Voices

In August of 2015, the Columbia Alumni Association (CAA) launched its Alumni Voices portal — a survey panel representative of some 3,000 Columbia alumni committed to taking monthly surveys that would drive Alumni Association initiatives. This week on Higher Ed Live, Emily Morris, CAA’s director of marketing and digital initiatives, and Kenny Chen, CAA’s program [...]

  • Student Success

First-Year Mentoring Effects on Student Success

This time of year, just as colleges and universities are celebrating their graduates, high schools across the country are celebrating their own graduates, many of whom are preparing for the transition to college. While data shows that more students than ever before are graduating high school, less are actually enrolling in college. A large segment [...]

  • Dan Lugo and Ryan Catherwood cover the merging of alumni relations and career services

Better Together: The Benefits of Merging Alumni Relations & Career Services

Ryan Catherwood, Longwood University’s Assistant Vice President of Alumni and Career Services, recently wrote about the trend of higher education institutions fusing alumni relations and career services together in order to emphasize network building and better engage alumni through the career development process. Catherwood, as well as Colby College Vice President for College and Student [...]

  • Young Alumni Engagement

The Student View on Boosting Young Alumni Engagement

Graduation for the Class of 2016 marks the transition from being a student to becoming a professional. It’s also when colleges and universities no longer recognize 2016 graduates as students, but as alumni. In talking to different alumni relations representatives, we’ve found that, when approaching current students about the importance of donating and giving back [...]

  • Gap Year Experience

The Gap Year Connection to Student Retention

Before Malia Obama announced that she would defer her enrollment to Harvard until the fall of 2017 and elect to take a gap year, many were unaware that taking a gap year is common practice, or may have negatively associated it with students spending their parents’ dime to carelessly backpack through Europe. With the President’s [...]

  • Live Streaming

Invigorating Alumni Engagement Through Live Streaming

When Yale University experienced a 33.7 percent alumni donation rate this year — their lowest to date — Association of Yale Alumni Executive Director Jenny Chavira ’89, saw an opportunity to experiment with innovative methods to engage alumni. Twenty years ago, alumni donated money almost reflexively, but alumni in the last decade have exhibited hesitation [...]